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How Can I Control Creditor Pressure

The quick answer

When facing creditor pressure, the best advice is to deal with that creditor directly and not ignore them. A solution may be to agree a payment plan or ask an Insolvency Practitioner to speak to them if the situation becomes more serious and you would like a barrier between you and them.

In more detail

Remember that all the creditor (the person you owe money to) wants is to be paid. Sometimes just telling them that you cannot pay them in the short term but would they wait is enough to give you a little more time. Just ignoring them never seems to work.

If the creditor pressure is too much because; they are taking you to Court or starting a winding up petition and it is clear you cannot pay them back then it is worth contacting a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner like us and discussing your options.

In most cases, if the Insolvency Practitioner can help they will contact your creditors on your behalf with whatever the agreed plan is, whether that is needing a time to pay agreement or perhaps proposing liquidation or administration if the creditor does not give you time.

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