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Advice For Accountants – How We Can Help?

The quick answer

We can come up with a range of choices for your client based on trying to restructure and keep their business going or helping with an orderly wind down. We know they will face lots of difficult issues they have never had to deal with before.

In more detail

At worst the situation for one of your clients might be liquidation or bankruptcy. Even in those cases they will need advice about what they can and can not do and what to expect. The more they understand and are supported hopefully the less they will worry.

If they are trying to keep their business going then we know all the options and can usually reasonably quickly assess what of those options are realistic.

We can also answer all the questions they have covering areas such as:

  • What to tell the suppliers and the bank if anything.
  • What to tell employees.
  • How to gain some more time.
  • How to defend against CCJ and winding up petitions.
  • What are the consequences of salary v dividends?
  • Should they put more money in.
  • Is wrongful trading or misfeasance a risk.
  • Can they start again.

More questions in this section

We have just worked with Kirks to complete the closure of our company. Everything went smoothly and professionally. I would recommend this firm and the staff who were very very helpful and quickly finalised everything. Thank you Kirks.
Carol Hill
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